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K9 Brag is a German Shepherd-Malinois hybrid born April 2016 in Czechoslovakia.  He joined LPD working with his handler, Officer Cardana, in August 2017. 


Officer Cardana and K9 Brag have been working patrol together in Livermore since August 2017.  Officer Cardana began working for the Livermore Police Department in June 2014 after lateraling from the Santa Barbara Police Ddepartment where he worked for 3 years.  


K9 Brag is a Malinois-German Shepherd mix originally from Czechoslovakia.  He has lived at home with Officer Cardana, his wife, and their pet dog since May 2017.  After completing 8 weeks of intensive training together, Officer Cardana and Brag successfully passed certification to become a dual purpose apprehension and explosives detection K9 in July 2017.  


K9 Brag likes all aspects of police work.  He excels in obedience training, enjoys tracking, bite work, and practicing his explosives detection skills.  In his time with LPD he has become a valued member of his patrol team and has made friends with some of the other officers.


When not on patrol, Brag enjoys hanging out at home with his sister and going on hiking and camping trips with his family.

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