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Where do the K9s come from?

Most K9s come from working dog lines in Europe where the dogs are chosen specifically for their health and other personality traits that will help them become successful police K9s. 

Where do the K9s live?

All of the K9s live at home with their Handlers and their families.  Many of the K9s get along with young children and other family pets. 

Are the K9s friendly?

Yes!  The K9s are trained to do their job, but when they're not working they act very much like typical dogs. But you should always check with the Handler before apporaching or petting a K9. 

When it is time for a LPD K9 to retire the city gives their handler an opportunity to purchase their dog for $1.  That way the K9 gets to stay with his family in retirement. 

What happens when the K9s retire?
Who pays for vet bills and care of the K9s?

When the K9s are active duty patrol dogs the City of Livermore covers their medical bills.  When the K9s have retired it falls to their handlers to cover their vet bills.  LK9F helps to cover the cost of the retired K9s' vet bills

What kinds of dogs become K9s?

Any type of dog can become a K9 if they pass certain certifications.  Most K9s come from verified breeders to ensure they are healthy and have the temperment to work as a police K9. 

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