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Thanks for your donations!

Every dollar donated to LK9F stays here locally to support our retired and activity duty K9s.  We are happy to report that since our founding in 2017 we have been able to pay for vet & end of life care for K9 Fin, purchase a new ballistic vest for K9 Brag, and in 2019 we donated $10,000 to LPD for the purchase of K9 Drax.


Donated to the City of Livermore for the purchase of K9 Drax.

July 2019

LK9F Presenting the donation for K9 Dax!

If you'd like to support our mission to promote training, safety and the health of law enforcement K9s throughout their career and retirement, please donate now. All donations directly support the LPD working dogs and are tax deductible. 

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