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In Memoriam

The Livermore Police Department has been using K9s since the 1980s. We are honoring their many years of collective service by including them here.  If you have pictures or memories of these K9s or their Handlers please share them with us! 

Scout and Officer Audry Thompson at Wine and Wags 3.jpg


K9 Bugsy was partnered with Officer Audrey Thompson and worked as worked as an apprehension and narcotics detection dog for Livermore PD from 2013-2019. 

Rich & Vertex2 2009-10-5_edited.jpg


K9 Vertex  was partnered with Officer Rich Zogaric. K9 Vertex was the first single purpose narcotics detection dog for Livemore PD. He served the city 2009-2012. 

K9 Fin


K9 Fin was partnered with Officer Al Grajeda for most of his career, but also workied with Officer Dave Cerruti.  K9 Fin worked as an apprehension and narcotics detection dog for Livermore PD from 2009-2017. 


K9 Caro


K9 Caro was partnered with Officer Rich Hill and served LPD from 2004-2009.

Moore and Ande.png

K9 Andy


K0 Andy was partnered with Officer Cindy Moore and served LPD from 2000-2008.


K9 Brio


K9 Brio was partnered with Officer Kevin Little and served LPD from 1998-2000.

K9 Herry Special Ops Unit.jpeg

K9 Herry


K9 Herry was partnered with Officer Todd Madrid and served LPD from 1997-2004

EDITED K9 Arras and Ofc Jeff Seymour cop

K9 Arras


K9 Arras was partnered with Officer Jeff Seymour and served LPD from 1989-1996.


K9 Dingo


During his career with LPD from 1981-1989 K9 Dingo was partnered with Officer Doug Bell & Officer Garwood Jorgenson.

Hatcher and Irk2.png

K9 Irk


K9 Irk was partnered with Officer Sue Hatcher and served LPD from 1983-1989.

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