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K9 Bugsy

Bugsy showed up at our dog wash!


Bugsy was born September 2012 and was partnered with Officer Audrey Thompson in March 2013.  Bugsy is a male, 70lb, Sable German Shepherd from the Czech Republic and was cross trained for patrol work and narcotic detection.


When on patrol Bugsy had the ability to detect methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. He continues to be an energetic and athletic dog who loves pets from everyone.  Now that he's retired, Bugsy lives full time enjoying life at home with his human family and their pet dog. 

Officer Thompson started her career with the Livermore Police Department in September 2005. She worked as a K9 handler from March 2013 until K9 Bugsy's retirement in September 2019.  Since then she has continued to work regular patrol for LPD.

Now that Bugsy is retired LPD will no longer be covering the cost of his medical care.  After his many years of service LK9F is proud to be able to offer financial assistance for his care as he enjoys well deserved time off.

The Foundation has new Tshirts honoring Bugsy's dedicated service!  They are available on our Swag page or by clicking the link below!

Bugsy back_edited.jpg


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