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K9 Vertex

In 2009, the Livermore Police Department added Vertex to the K-9 roster. Vertex, a black Labrador mix, was the first ever single-purpose narcotics K-9 at the Livermore Police Department. Vertex was trained to alert to the odor of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin. Officer Rich Zogaric and Vertex performed numerous probation and parole searches of buildings and vehicles. They always made themselves available to other officers when they suspected illegal drugs may have been hidden. During their tenure, they effectively discouraged students from bringing illegal narcotics to school after Officer Zogaric and Vertex made several high-profile arrests on campus.
In addition to their patrol duties together, Officer Zogaric and “Vertex” made many public appearances which would include a demonstration of how a narcotics detection K-9 operated. 


Vertex was very friendly and helped increase community outreach. Officer Zogaric and Vertex entered multiple K-9 narcotics competitions and won several awards for their performance in vehicle, open field, and building searches.

Vertex enjoyed retirement at home with Detective Zogaric until he passed away in May 2023.

Rich & Vertex2 2009-10-5.jpe
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