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In Memoriam

K9 Fin


K9 Fin was born June 26, 2007 and retired on June 4, 2017.  He was partnered for one year with Officer Dave Cerruti until Officer Cerruti retired.  K9 Fin then went to work with Officer Al Grajeda for another 7 years.  K9 Fin passed away in September 2018 due to complications related to old age. 


Fin was a male, 80lb, Black and Tan German Shepherd from the Czech Republic and was crossed trained for patrol work and narcotic detection. Fin was trained in handler protection, narcotics detection, person detection, article detection, tactical and high-risk operations, and building searches.  During his career K9 Fin was assigned to patrol, SOU, gang investigations, and SWAT units.  Some of his skills and training included: tracking, trailing, article/evidence searches, high risk operations and drug detection in the schools, homes and vehicles.


In addition to his on duty work, K9 Fin was a dedicated community ambassador doing countless public demonstrations as well as meet and greets at community events, schools, and other special events.


The Livermore K9 Foundation has provided support for retired K9 Fin in many ways.  LK9F helped celebrate his 11th birthday by providing a delicious canine cookie cake and bandana. LK9F  has also paid for his vet bills, including specialized food after retirement to care for his various health needs. 

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